Clou Electronics Unveils New Megawatt Power Grid Battery System of Cabinet Type in the 15th China Hi-tech Fair


16-21 Nov. 2013, Shenzhen - Clou Electronics, a leading global provider for the application of renewable energy, smart grid and energy conservation and emission reduction,has unveiled a new energy storage product, that is, the megawatt power grid battery system of cabinet type (GBS of cabinet type for short) on China Hi-tech Fair. The first appearance of GBS of cabinet type has won high praise from customers and governmental leaders.

Zhou Ji, the president of China Academy of Engineering and Ren Zhiwu, deputy director of High Tech Industry Division of National Development and Reform Division visited Clou’s exhibition booth and showed their great interest in the advanced technology and economic performance of GBS of cabinet type. Besides, they also affirmed our continuous investment and creativity in renewable energy industry.

Zhou Ji (the fourth one from left), president of China Academy of Engineering, visited Clou’s exhibition booth at China Hi-tech Fair.

Ren Zhiwu (the third one from left), deputy director of High Tech Industry Division of National Development and Reform Division, visited Clou’s exhibition booth at China Hi-tech Fair.

Gui Guocai, general manager of Clou Energy Storage Unit, said during the hi-tech fair, “After the supporting details on the application of PV and wind power are fixed by Chinese government,energy storage strategy will become a key point to promote the development of renewable energy. Clou Electronics ranks in the leading position in the industry by key energy storage technologies with independent intellectual rights. Our energy storage products produced by the large-scale renewable energy storage grid integration project lab have already realized industrialization. The GBS of cabinet type is composed of battery pack, battery management system, energy storage conversion system, cabinet and auxiliary controlled system, among which the advanced design of temperature controlled and fire protection features and battery management system have been approved by several authority test organizations. Besides, it can be applied into such scenarios as distributed power generation, off-grid power generation and island single grid to realize the large-scale use of renewable energy.”

Mr. Gui went on to say,“Clou Electronics not only provides customized energy storage products, but also offers customer-tailored service and fast and efficient solutions.”

CL5000 GBS of Cabinet Type manufactured by Clou has unveiled in the 15th China Hi-tech Fair.

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