Mr. Rao Luhua is Elected as President of Shenzhen New Energy Association


22, Oct. 2013, Shenzhen - Mr Rao Luhua, board chairman of Shenzhen Clou Electronics Co., Ltd, was elected as president of Shenzhen New Energy Association during its 2nd membership assembly.

Shenzhen New Energy Association (SZNEA for short), composed of voluntary enterprises engaged in R&D of new energy technology and manufacturing of new energy products (including companies from other provinces and cities, but with office in Shenzhen), mainly involves in such industries as wind power and hydroelectric generation, biomass energy, solar power, fuel gas and new energy consultation.

Mr Rao Luhua delivered a speech during the meeting. He said that he would commit himself to earnestly fulfill responsibilities and contribute his effort to the development of new energy industry association. Shenzhen New Energy Association, continuously adhering to its principles, will promote sound development of new energy industry, popularize knowledge of new energy science and technology and improve overall level of new energy utilization and low carbon economy together will all membersShenzhen New Energy Association will focus on the following works:

Actively conducting research on policy, environment, technology and market to promote new energy development;

Maintain the association’s website and publish its journals about new energy industry;

Organize some professional trainings;

Promote marketing activities in the industry via the association;

Play the advantages of association to provide information and technology services, policy guidelines and legal consulting;

Strengthen communication with outside.

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