A Friendly Football Game is Held between Clou Team and Nigeria Customers


8 Oct. 2013, Shenzhen – A football game was held between Clou team and foreign customers from Nigeria at Kangjue football field.

Nigeria team scored three times at the beginning of the game with 3-0; while Clou team hasn’t lost heart, they redesigned tactical layout. Finally, Zhu Lin from Distribution Unit of Clou scored to sound the horn of trumpet. At the end of first half, both teams are all square with 3-3.

The next half is completely turned into Clou’s show time. Clou team kept up with their astoundingly confidence, getting nine goals to lead 12- 6 at the end of game.

An excellent game not only strengthens communication with foreign customers, but also presents unique spirits of Clouer. It’s believed that Nigeria customers will have a pleasant cooperation experience with Clou after the game.

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